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Grace Abundant is run by me, Hoong Ern Ng, a Malaysian Chinese currently studying Computer Science at Harvard College. I grew up in Malaysia until the age of 16, when I was awarded a music scholarship to study my A levels in England. After finishing my A levels, I started my undergraduate studies at Harvard College, where I currently am.

Computer Science

I’ve always enjoyed tinkering around with computers from a young age, both in terms of software and hardware. At times, this has unfortunately resulted in my computer(s) no longer working, but generally, I’ve learned a lot on the way. On the hardware side, I’m not one of those “uber-geeks” who build their own robots and so on (although, I have to say, I did have to implement a very basic MIPS processor for one of my courses) I enjoy building my own computers and taking apart my laptops (with the excuse of cleaning them).

As noted, I am studying Computer Science and thus enjoy programming and finding good solutions to any problems I may encounter. I am more active on the web-development side of things (although not so much on my own websites!), and mainly use PHP, Python, Flash, HTML5, Javascript, mainly on LAMP servers. Of course, most of my courses were dealt with in C/C++.


I have played music for pretty much all my life, beginning classical piano at the age of 3, and eventually got a music scholarship to study my A levels in the UK.  On the performance side, my main instrument is the piano, although I also play the trombone (mostly in jazz bands), as well as the drums, guitar, bass, etc. to varying degrees (mostly in church and school/college Christian Fellowships).

I also enjoy arranging and orchestrating music, as well as doing a spot of composing here and there. In combining my love of music & technology, and run my own recording studio (Grace Abundant Studios) where I record my own songs and other music groups as well. I do a fair amount of MIDI sequencing, especially virtual orchestras.

Amateur Astronomy

In 2010, I picked up an interest in amateur astronomy and astrophotography, after taking a course in Celestial Navigation. While I don’t have my own equipment, I frequent one of Harvard’s observatories where I stargaze and use an amazing telescope–a 9″ achromatic refractor made by Alvan Clark in 1905: not the best picture quality, but definitely quite a beauty, especially given its age. While I’m not at Harvard, I enjoy watching the skies and also use Harvard’s remote telescopes that you yourself can use! I think the skies are one of the understated wonders of the world–out of this world, so to speak. I also put some of my celestial navigation skills to use when I go hiking.

Nature & Hiking [Mountains]

I believe that hiking — mountain climbing in particular — is one of the best ways to experience nature, to get away from the business of life when we need a break. In addition, I have found that it’s one of my most effective forms of exercise (personally speaking), in that one has to persevere hours and hours of climbing. It’s a test of both physical and mental endurance, and something which you can’t ‘stop’ halfway when you get tired (unlike swimming/jogging/gym). Once you’re on the way to a mountain top, you know you have to make your way down. In addition, the summit of a mountain presents a goal to push for — something tangible, even if there’s no view at the top. Most of my hiking experience has been in Malaysia, and you can read about my climbing experiences.


As a Christian, I believe in a God who loves us, who loves me personally, and you as well, in a way that we can never understand – Abundant Grace. This actually ties into my own name, which means Abundant (Hoong) Grace (Ern), hence the name of this site.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me.

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  1. Greetings as a fellow Christian, Musician, and Computer person. My name is Gary Groff and I am from Lancaster Pennsylvania. I stumbled upon your site after searching for “Your Grace Still Amazes Me”. Awesome tune and lyrics. I like the reproduction that you made. I am part of a worship band at our church and no one else has heard of this song. I want to do this tune with our lead singer at some point. Any chance in getting the accompanyment without the vocals since we would be singing along with the track.

    A bit of my background. No, I am not a music major. The Lord saw fit to give me a natural born gift of playing by ear. I took some basic lessons why growing up as a child. I wish I would have stuck with the sight reading more. I play piano/keyboards, guitar, bass guitar. I do mostly background singing. I have attempted to do some digital recording with my computer, however, I am limited by the resources and my patience with midi. I am more of a live recording musician.

    I also work at a local bank as an IT manager and have been involved in the computer field for 16 plus years. I only ever designed one site and that was for my brother’s web site which is not active anymore. I am more of a hands on hardware guy than a web man.

    It is really great to see how the Lord has worked in your life and brought you so far. Good luck in your studies. If I can get your email address, I can send you something I have done.

    God Bless,

    Gary Groff

  2. Hi Hoong, I find your blog very useful and informative in regards to hiking and trekking, I hope you don’t mind me sharing your blog on Malaysians Adventure Facebook Group and God Bless You.

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