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My name is Hoong-Ern Ng. Here are some things which define me: music, software development, and the abundant grace I need every day (see Ephesians 2).

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  1. Hoong Ern,
    Found U! N am very happy with yr achievements. Will always pray for u. All the best dear.

  2. hey there.. remember me..!! was blog hoping and found ure site.. so kewl man.. all ure achievements.. hapy for you too.. hope to keep in touch.. take care man.. add me on msn if u could ya.. 🙂
    take carez..

  3. Greetings as a fellow Christian, Musician, and Computer person. My name is Gary Groff and I am from Lancaster Pennsylvania. I stumbled upon your site after searching for “Your Grace Still Amazes Me”. Awesome tune and lyrics. I like the reproduction that you made. I am part of a worship band at our church and no one else has heard of this song. I want to do this tune with our lead singer at some point. Any chance in getting the accompanyment without the vocals since we would be singing along with the track.

    A bit of my background. No, I am not a music major. The Lord saw fit to give me a natural born gift of playing by ear. I took some basic lessons why growing up as a child. I wish I would have stuck with the sight reading more. I play piano/keyboards, guitar, bass guitar. I do mostly background singing. I have attempted to do some digital recording with my computer, however, I am limited by the resources and my patience with midi. I am more of a live recording musician.

    I also work at a local bank as an IT manager and have been involved in the computer field for 16 plus years. I only ever designed one site and that was for my brother’s web site which is not active anymore. I am more of a hands on hardware guy than a web man.

    It is really great to see how the Lord has worked in your life and brought you so far. Good luck in your studies. If I can get your email address, I can send you something I have done.

    God Bless,

    Gary Groff

  4. hello dear,
    i came across this webpage and happy to see u as 1 of my students. Well done dear.

    Pn hanim

  5. Hi Hoong, I find your blog very useful and informative in regards to hiking and trekking, I hope you don’t mind me sharing your blog on Malaysians Adventure Facebook Group and God Bless You.

  6. Thanks for all the hiking adventures u had written in a clear n detail form. I hope to join yr group in future.

  7. Am finding some mountain info, the web route me here… thanks for your sharing.. 😀

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