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It’s been ages

Since I posted anything. And I’m off tomorrow for 6 days, to New Hampshire for CF retreat! Yay!

But for anyone who still reads this place, and doesn’t know yet, I’ve just released another album! =)

You can find it here:

Enjoy! =)

I can hear you…

Meet my one and only, ominous looking…

Sound Reflector
Sound reflector!

With this amazing piece of equipment, I can listen to your footsteps from across an entire field, I can eavesdrop on conversations, so you better not say anything bad about me! […]

Piano Music – Recordings

Ever looking for free music downloads? Well, here’s a chance to download some free piano music!

Ensemble Playing

One thing I have come to realise, especially over the past year – is how important ensemble playing is for a learning musician. I personally think that to grow as a musician, one needs ensemble playing – it just accomplishes what solo playing cannot.

Christmas Orchestration

Just a new project which has been thrown at me – orchestrating a christmas musical from a piano&choir score, into a full orchestral score.

Evening Recital – June 13th 2006

A short music update on my last Millfield evening recital ever. Played in 3 items, page-turned for another. Quite a busy night.

A special Piano

When do you need a “special” piano?
You know you want one when, even on your steinway concert grand model D piano, you try turning a page and instead 2 pages turn! Then you want this piano…. (which probably doesn’t exist)

The Modified Decca Tree Project

My Decca Tree, XY, and ORTF unfinished adventures! How I altered the original design to my purpose and the results, along with a few pictures and a diagram.

Article contains a total of 32 seconds worth of some of my recordings, if you want to listen to them. If you want to judge them, please use some decent speakers.