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5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Thanks so much for the sleep checker app. The overactive lion with its insomnia had caused meanwhile sleepless hours during the nights where I tried to solve that nasty problem. Is there somewhere a “donation” button where I could leave a little sign of my gratitude?

  2. Hi Hoong Ern,
    Thanks for detailed blog posts. I actually found it while doing a search for a hike in genting highlands. Was keen to team up for some group hiking around Malaysia.
    Upon further checking, and realized that you’re now in the US.
    If opportunity arises while you’re back, do email for hiking adventures. Cheers.

  3. Hi hoongern,

    My name is manoj. I am aspiring to hike each and every mountain/hill in malaysia and your guide seems like a good start. However being a newbie, i am thinking of what kind of shoes to buy. There’s this shoe brand name saloman and it cost about rm700. Should i buy this assuming it can be used for all mountain trails or am i overspending? Your advice would definitely be a weight lifter.

    1. Did my own research, and the brand Adidas Kampung seems to be coming up everywhere. should I just purchase a few pair of those and perhaps spend more on socks instead =D

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