I’ve been tired of the look of my site for a long time now – so it’s time to welcome a new look, even though the content is still very old.

I probably still won’t be posting to this blog as much as I used to back in the old days, but hopefully for anyone visiting, it won’t be as much of an eyesore as it used to be!


DIY Headlamp holder with nylon/paracord

Along the same lines as my DIY concealed belt, I realized that I don’t carry a headlamp with me all the time, but I have come across situations in which a headlamp would have come in useful. Since I already carry nylon cord and a flashlight, I made some DIY headlamp holder plans to help me out in those situations!

File Merger

Probably something which no one will ever need, but recently I came across the need to merge 2 files together.

Let’s say you have 2 files which are supposed to be identical, but each of them is MISSING a chunk from the whole file. An example is that you’re downloading 2 torrent files, one downloaded the 1st half, but the other only has the 2nd half. They both have the same file size, though.

This tool for Win32 will allow you to merge them:


WARNING: I didn’t spend much time on it, so it’s very basic – doesn’t even have an icon or taskbar entry. In fact, it may be buggy and may crash. Who knows?

Carrying equipment

Being in the HRAACF Worship Team (called PBJ – Praise Band for Jesus) – we have to carry our equipment almost every week and set it up, and later break it down and carry it back to our storage room.

When you have to carry two 22kg speakers, one in each hand, it can quickly become tiring! I quickly realized that it has all to do with your hand grip – since your arms are just down by your sides – it’s your hands which carry all that weight!

What’s the solution? Read on!