[Some] verses of the year

Here are some verses which have made an impact on my life throughout 2008.

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Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

When I look back upon 2008, I see a year full of both blessings and joy, and at the same time, pain and confusion. 2008 has been an adventure, filled with many surprises, both good and bad, unexpected twists and turns, and ups and downs. I do not even know where to start describing the […]

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Pidgin plugin – Keep status message on idle

Noticed that when you’re online and you have a status message, and when your account goes idle, it switches to ‘away’ and either (1) erases your status message, or (2) puts “I’m not here currently” or something along those lines? Here’s the fix (hopefully)!

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Pidgin plugin – Left conversation notifications

If you’ve been irritated that pidgin always sends those pesky ‘left conversation’ notifications to your buddies (e.g. they complain that you abandoned them when you closed your chat window), this plugin may solve your problem.

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Website notice

In addition to what I mentioned yesterday, certain things may not be working on the website (e.g. links, pictures, etc), so please extend grace! =)

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Hello, graceabundant!

Finally, a new post! Although, that’s not saying much, because I’m not sure how much this will keep up, as no one will be reading this anyway! I decided to migrate hoongern.ath.cx to blog.graceabundant.com, because not being at home in M’sia and having to manage the server has been a bit of a pain (esp with EXTREMELY SLOW STREAMYX, Windows pains, dying hard drives, dying motherboards, expensive electricity, etc), so I’ve decided to let someone else do that job, and hopefully they do it well!

Anyway, maybe I’ll write more later, but this is just a test post to make sure things are working ok!

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It’s been ages

Since I posted anything. And I’m off tomorrow for 6 days, to New Hampshire for CF retreat! Yay!

But for anyone who still reads this place, and doesn’t know yet, I’ve just released another album! =)

You can find it here: http://studio.graceabundant.com/albums/08pbj/

Enjoy! =)

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Oh well

So much for me posting stuff. From April 1st until April 22nd, the server was offline when one of its Hard drives died.. Only just got fixed =\ I’ll update more later.

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